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Radiant In-Floor Heating

Radiant In-Floor Heating System in Toronto

A radiant in-floor heating system is one of the essential elements of any home in Canada. With cold Canadian winters, having a warm heated floor feels excellent. You don’t need to install ducts or radiators with radiant in-floor heating systems. O Plus Plumbing underfloor heating will keep your interiors warm, and they are highly efficient to operate.

Our radiant floor heating systems accommodate various floor coverings, including laminates, vinyl, stone, wood, carpet, and ceramic tiles. Radiant heating provides a high level of comfort for homeowners. These systems heat the surface below your feet and raise the heated air naturally, providing unmatched comfort that other heating systems cannot offer.

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Radiant In-Floor Heating Services and Installation in Toronto

How do Our Radiant Floor Heating Systems work?

Radiant in-floor heating systems work with warm water that circulates through plastic tubing in the floor from a water heater or a boiler. The circulating water amount depends mainly on the size of the room or area that needs to have a heating system. The generated heat is transferred from the tubes into the floor’s surface and rises to heat the entire room and its components. A radiant in-floor heating system is the perfect way of providing steady and even heating without cold spots or temperature swings.

Radiant Underfloor Heating Benefits

O Plus Plumbing Inc. provides different types of radiant in-floor heating systems, including hydronic and electric systems. These heating systems are designed to fulfill modern and luxurious home features and focus on comfortable, design-led, and clean living. Each of our systems comes with various advantages. Here are some of our radiant in-floor heating systems benefits that you should know:

How Does Underfloor Heating Differs From Conventional Systems?

Let us help you understand how underfloor heating differ from traditional forced-air heating systems.

In traditional systems, the air in your room will become uncomfortably stratifies since it warms the upper section of the room and the floor remains cold. So, turning on a conventional heating system will quickly warm the air and then shut off, which can cause cycling problems.


You won’t experience those jarring ups and downs thanks to radiant floor heaters. Additionally, with underfloor heating, the warm air will still rise evenly over the entire floor so that the cold air will stay up at your home’s ceiling.

Types of In-Floor Heaters: Hydronic and Electric

At O Plus Plumbing Inc., we offer two types of in-floor heating systems, which are:

·   Electric In-floor Heating


·   Hydronic In-floor Heating

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic radiant in-floor heating systems are energy-efficient home heaters that turn your entire floor into radiators, warming your living space without uncomfortable cold or hot air pockets.

How Hydronic Radiant Underfloor Heating Works

Your home water heating systems heat the water. Then the water is pumped from your boiler room through a loop of flexible piping and tubing installed under your home’s flooring.

Why It is a Good Idea to Use Hydronic Floor Heaters?

These heating systems eliminate the discomfort of cold floors forever, and they will decrease your energy bills.

hydronic radiant floor systems

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Another underfloor heating we provide is electric radiant floor heating, an alternative option to the cost and complication of hydronic heaters.

The warmth in these systems comes from a loop of electric wires installed under the flooring. Electric radiant underfloor heating do not work with boilers, water, and tuning, which will prevent altering your floor’s height.

electric radiant floor systems

How We Will Setup Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems?

Radiant Floor Heating System Installation

In O Plus Plumbing Inc., we utilize different radiant underfloor heating systems installation methods. Our methods can vary depending on the home’s design. However, there are top primary methods with use to install your radiant in-floor heating system, which are:

Radiant In-Floor Heating System
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A Summary About This Service

Conclusion & Price Estimation

In-floor heating systems consist of a network of 1/2 or 3/4-inch water pipes installed under the floor covering and a boiler that delivers hot water to the network. The water temperature is regulated by the boiler. By increasing and decreasing the water temperature, the ambient temperature can be controlled.
The in-floor heating system actually acts like a large radiator on the floor of the house, and the wall-mounted radiator heating systems can be converted into a in-floor heating system by piping the floor of the house. It costs roughly $5 per square feet.
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Radiant In-Floor Heating
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