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Residential Plumbing

Residential Plumbing Contractor in Toronto

Residential plumbing services are an integral part of any house construction since water is the essence of our lives. O Plus Plumbing Inc. is a qualified residential plumbing contractor in Canada that installs and repairs water supply and drainage.

O PLUS PLUMBING is a company serving the Toronto area | We offer 24/7 plumbing services

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About The Service

What are Residential Plumbing Services and Systems?

The residential plumbing system is a complicated network including cold and hot water supply pipes, fixtures, appliances, drain pipes, traps, vent pipes, water storage systems, etc. O Plus can install you plumbing system and pipes inside the walls for better appearance or on the walls.

The Objectives of O Plus's Good Residential Plumbing Systems are:

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Most Reliable Residential Plumbers In Toronto

O Plus Plumbing Inc. is the go-to plumbing contractor in Toronto and the surrounding areas. You can count on our team to provide exceptional home plumbing services within your budget and time.

 You can call us anytime you need our help. Our team of top-rated plumbers will solve your issues with the fastest and most efficient methods.


Contact us through our phone number and request an appointment. Our team will work with your schedule to find the perfect time that works best for you. 

O Plus Plumbing is Always Open and Ready Whenever You Need Us for Your Home Plumbing Services in Toronto

As experienced plumbers, we understand that residential plumbing issues always come as a surprise, and they can cause costly damages and be inconvenient.

That’s why O Plus Plumbing Inc. strives to make your home plumbing services experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

O Plus team has years of experience in home plumbing services in Toronto.

Our respected clients always admired our team’s accurate and fast work. O Plus will always be there for you to solve your home plumbing issues.

What to Expect When You Call Us for Home Plumbing Services

As your local plumbers in Toronto, we live where we offer our residential plumbing services, and many of our customers are our neighbors. One of the things that made us one of the most reliable plumbers in Toronto is that we do not sell you something that you do not net and our team always provides our customers with honest recommendations.

It is Always Your Call

O Plus Plumbing knows you have many choices and options when looking for a home plumbing contractor in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Many companies offer high-quality services, but our team strives to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. If you choose us as your plumbing experts, you will notice the difference from when our professional plumbers walk into your home to provide the services you have demanded.

Our Plumbing Specialists are On Time

After contacting us, we will send one of our professional plumbers to inspect your home plumbing system. Our plumbing team will arrive at your home at the exact time you want, equipped with the best tools to diagnose your system and solve or repair your plumbing issues. Our van is always fully stocked with all required tools and equipment to save time and run your system smoothly and efficiently.

We Quote

Before starting your residential plumbing installation or repair, our professional plumbers will take the time to explain the service’s essentials and procedures. They will provide you with a written quote. We also encourage you to ask any question that comes to your mind, and we will explain everything upfront. We ensure that you will never face any surprises or hidden fees.

We Provide Home Plumbing Services in Toronto

We are plumbing firm that are dedicated to deliver comprehensive home plumbing services while focusing on serving our customers through reliability and respect. Our licensed plumbers and insured technicians that are trained expertly to provide you with safe and high-quality plumbing services.

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What Are The Components?

Our Residential Plumbing Systems Essential Components

O Plus Plumbing Inc installs and repairs residential plumbing systems that consist of three primary components which are:

Residential PlumbingResidential Plumbing
Residential Plumbing Systems Essential ComponentsResidential Plumbing Systems Essential Components
residential plumbing fixturesresidential plumbing fixtures
water stream showerwater stream shower
residential plumbing cost
A Summary About Our Residential Service

Conclusion & Price Estimation

Residential plumbing cost depends on various factors including:

  • Project’s Complexity
  • Project’s Scale
  • Materials
  • Time
  • and More

So, we highly recommend contacting us if you need emergency plumbing services and describing your issue to help us find the best solution for you. Depending on the solution we will provide a transparent price estimation for you. Additionally, we put our effort to make your services as budget-friendly as possible.


Materials We Use for Home Pipes

We do house sanitary plumbing with ABS pipes which are the best quality choice for every home in Toronto.
In sewage piping, the size and slope of the pipes must be done very carefully.

House cold and hot water piping are one of the most basic structures of the building, which requires an experienced plumber. Our company uses pex pipes and copper pipes to do the water service lines. Sewage and water service line installation and finishing plumbing out a house cost $2 to $4 per square foot it depends on the house’s plumbing fixtures.

why us?

Why Select The O Plus Plumbing Inc. Services?

Why Choosing Us?

See the reasons that why you should select our services in the below section:

Radiant In-Floor Heating
high Quality

High Quality Materials

expert plumbing team

Experienced Technicians

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high quality

Guarantied Services

customer support team
customer service min - O Plus Plumbing Inc. | Leading Plumbing, Plumber & Drain Company in The Greater Toronto Area - Professional Plumbing & Drain In Toronto and GTA

24/7 Professional Support

Property Safety

Property Safety

Fair and Transparent Pricing
fair pricing

Fair Pricing

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all in one

All In One Services

hire a professional plumber
+95% Customers Satisfaction

+95% Customers Satisfaction

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Any Questions About Our Services?

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So if you have any questions about the O Plus Plubming Inc. services, you can contact us by completing the front form and sending it to us. After a bit of time, we will respond to you as soon as possible and send you information. You can use another way (phone, email, or visiting us) below too, and if you need free consultation complete the quotation form in quote page.

Request Free Conslutation

Request A Quote

If you have any questions about O Plus Plumbing Inc. services or if you need a free consultation, complete the below form and submit it. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible.