Pipe Leak Tape

Several types of pipe leak tape can be used to fix various plumbing leak issues. To patch leaking pipe joints, use pipe thread tape, often called “Teflon” or “Plumber’s” pipe.

Use silicone tape, also known as “leak repair,” “self-amalgamating,” or “fusing” tape, to patch hairline cracks in pipes or other non-joint leaks.

The uses for pipe leak tape in plumbing are surprisingly wide. You must have the correct pipe leak tape and know how to use it. The various repairs that can be made using typical types of pipe leak tape are listed below.

fixing a pipe leak with a tape

What is Pipe Leak Tape?

Pipe thread tape and silicone tape are the two types of tape commonly used in repairing leaky pipes. Both are often can be found in hardware stores and have various uses:

Pipe thread tape

This is also referred to as “plumber’s tape,” “PTFE tape,” “Teflon tape,” and “thread seal tape.” It is used to lubricate the connection between the joints to make threading quicker and disassembly simpler and to help to establish a watertight seal between plumbing joints.

Silicone tape

Because this type of pipe leak tape is only self-adhesive, it is also known as “self-amalgamating tape” or “self-fusing tape.” It sticks to itself, not the pipe, as other tapes do. A temporary waterproof seal can be established around a pipe leak by wrapping silicone tape around it.

They come in handy, especially in the boiler room and commercial plumbing systems with many pipes and might have electrical equipment.

When Should I Use Each Pipe Leak Tape?

Silicone tapes and pipe thread have very different uses. You should never use silicone tape on pipe threads, and pipe thread tape won’t properly fix non-joint pipe leaks. Instead, make sure you apply each tape as directed:

Seal leaking joints with pipe leak tape

Pipe joints may begin dripping if the connection between them has become loose or the tape or putty that seals the connection has become worn out. These two issues can be resolved with pipe thread tape.

Fix fracture leaks with pipe leak tape

The connection between your pipe’s joints can be loose, or the pipe leak tape that seals the connection might have worn out, causing your pipe’s joints to leak. Pipe thread tape can be used to fix either of these problems.

Get some pipe thread tape if you find that the pipe leak is coming from a joint.

Pipe Thread Tape on Leaking Joints

The old pipe leak tape between the joints will be replaced with pipe thread tape to fix a leaky joint. You must disconnect the connection before wrapping the tape around the pipe. Initially, shut off the water.

Unscrew the leaky pipe junction. Remember which way the pipe needs to be turned to be screwed into and unscrewed from the joint. The worn-out seal should then be removed before you start applying the pipe thread tape.

In the opposite direction, where you will screw the pipe back in, wrap the tape around the thread. Starting with the second thread from the bottom, wrap the tape four to six times around. Make sure the threads and tape are firmly attached.

Check for leaks after wrapping the pipe to the end and screwing it back into the junction.

a repaired pipe with a pipe leak tape

Silicone Tape for Fracture Leaks

This method is even easier. Once you have located the leak and are certain of its location, turn off the water. Dry the pipe area around the leak as much as possible before starting to tape it off.

Wrap the tape as firmly as possible, crossing it over itself multiple times. Wrap the tape around the region surrounding the leak. For maximum results, ensure the seal you’re making is as tight and secure on the pipe as possible.

Can Pipe Leak Tape Fix a Leak for Good?

A similar operation we explained may be done using regular pipe thread tape and can last for years. You can consider it a long-term (but ultimately temporary) remedy if the joint isn’t leaking.

While you look for more long-term solutions, silicone tape should only be used as a temporary treatment. Use silicone tape to stop leaks from growing worse or from wasting more water while you wait for a plumber, but never as a long-term solution.

Overall, pipe leak tape is surprisingly reliable and practical for many plumbing issues. By replacing joint seals with pipe thread tape, you can maintain the quality of your residential plumbing system with a quick do-it-yourself project.

Suppose you require professional assistance because pipe leak tape can’t create the proper seal. Fortunately, there are professional plumbers always just a phone call away. They will quickly and correctly solve the plumbing leak issue, whether pipe leak tape is necessary or not.

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