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School laboratory

Category: Commercial projects  | Location: Easto York, Toronto


Plastic or PVC pipes are not allowed to be used in the laboratory due to their acidity, and glass pipes are usually used. Glass pipe has a very high resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
Due to the presence of chemicals and acidity, it can not be directed directly to municipal wastewater and must be treated beforehand, so the chemicals after passing through the glass pipes go to the chemical neutralization tanks due to the presence of Limestone inside the tanks, neutralization operation takes place.
Due to the breakage of the glass tubes, they are inserted into the chamber or trench to prevent damage.
Alternative PVDF pipes can also be used instead of glass pipes.
Other requirements of the laboratory are due to the acidic and chemical environment of the eyewash and shower environment that can be used in the event of an accident.

This school laboratory project is at a school in Trenton Ontario where all the plumbing was done by the O Plus Plumbing group and took 1 month to complete.
Due to chemical usage, all drainage and ventilation piping is glass and water piping is the capper.


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