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One Of The Greatest Plumbing Contractors in Toronto

O Plus Plumbing Services

See the list of O Plus Plumbing Inc. Services below, for more information about each service click on it.

Residential Plumbing
Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing service is one of our services that is an integral part of any house construction since water is the essence of our lives.

Commercial Plumbing
Commercial Plumbing

Our experts repair and install plumbing systems in commercial facilities such as schools, universities, retail outlets, restaurants, etc.

Industrial Plumbing
Industrial Plumbing

One of O Plus Plumbing Inc. Services is Industrial Plumbing. We accept responsibility for the plumbing services in industrial buildings.

Boiler room Plumbing
Boiler room Plumbing

We also offer professional boiler room plumbing services for homes and offices. We cover both old and modernized systems.

Radiant In-Floor Heating
Radiant In-Floor Heating

A radiant in-floor heating system is an essential elements of any home in Canada. In Canadian winters, having a warm heated floor feels excellent.

man removes snow yard multistory building with snow machines min - O Plus Plumbing Inc. | The Best Plumbing, Plumber & Drain Company in The Greater Toronto Area - Professional Plumbing & Drain In The GTA
Driveway Snow Melting

O Plus Plumbing provides driveway snow melting systems working by incorporating embedded heating components into an outside surface.

why us?

The Reason To Select O Plus Plumbing

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to need plumber, questions immediately come to mind, How much is this going to cost? Quality? Should a problem reoccur, will they come back to fix it? Are they professional? We have a fair pricing and fast response policy when you call for our plumbing services. We know that plumbing problems are probably the most urgent emergencies that homeowners have to deal with, so we get back to you as quickly as possible. We guarantee our work accordingly.

high Quality

High Quality Material


Professional Team

high quality


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24/7 Live Supports


Property Safety

fair pricing

Fair Pricing


See Our Previous Customers Comments

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Customer satisfying by providing high-quality services is our goal see the list of previous customers testimonials about us in below section.
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“We had a leak in the water pipe that feeds our garden house and our basement was getting water in it. I called O Plus and they were there right away Did a very good job in a short period of time at a very reasonable cost. Even though it was a small job they really serviced us well. Will call them again when we need plumbing help.”
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“We decided to renovate our home so we looked for a pro company for plumbing. A friend suggested O plus plumbing. They were a crew of licensed plumbers. They did our washrooms plumbing also the kitchen and the powder room.”

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“Great company, best service. You should probably check them out . Fair price and good quality!!⭐️”

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Any Questions About Our Services?

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So if you have any questions about the O Plus Plubming Inc. services, you can contact us by completing the front form and sending it to us. After a bit of time, we will respond to you as soon as possible and send you information. You can use another way (phone, email, or visiting us) below too, and if you need free consultation complete the quotation form in quote page.

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