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Winter generally poses some unique challenges and plumbing issues for your homes. The freezing temperature can affect the water in the piping system and cause all sorts of expensive problems.

Fortunately, we are prepared to help our clients with our residential plumbing services and commercial plumbing services during all seasons. Cold winter weather will definitely cause issues for your homes, but we assure you don’t have to worry about them.

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Although it is better to contact us for professional residential and commercial plumbing services, there are simple things you can do to avoid plumbing issues during winter. This article will inform you about common winter problems and how avoiding and fixing them is possible.

Common Plumbing Issues During Winter

Cold weather can cause different types of plumbing problems for your homes. However, there are six common residential plumbing problems that you should expect:

  1. Frozen Pipes
  2. Clogged Kitchen Drains and Issues
  3. Water Heating System Damage and Failure
  4. Damages Around Outdoor Drains
  5. Septic Tank Backup Problems
  6. Broken Water Line

Frozen Pipe issues

Frozen pipes are the first plumbing issues that occur in winter. This problem is caused due to low temperatures and high water pressure. You can avoid this residential plumbing issue by turning on the faucet.

frozen pipes plumbing issues

Clogged Kitchen Drains and Issues

Although clogged kitchen drains are not caused by cold weather, this issue is more likely to appear in winter since you will cook more than you cook during warm seasons due to holidays. Thus, it is more likely that grease, food or other debris will find its way down to the kitchen drains.

This can cause clogged drains which you want to avoid during winter.

Water Heating System Damage and Failure

The cold temperature can cause plumbing problems during winter by damaging the water heating system. Since the water coming to the heater is extremely cold, it will make it work harder to provide hot water for your daily use.

Damages Around Outdoor Drains

These residential plumbing issues are more likely to happen after rain or snow. The water that leaves from the outdoor drains may clump together and turn into ice which will block the draining system or end up with standing water in a damaged drain that freezes over.

outdoor drain problems

Septic Tank Backup Problems

Septic tank backup problems are plumbing issues that you do not want to deal with during cold seasons or any time at! Before winter arrives, contact a professional plumber to check out the septic tank. Professionals make sure that the waste levels are not too high.

Broken Water Line

The most expensive plumbing problems come from the broken water line, which can happen in winter or cold seasons. It is essential to unplug the garden hoses to prevent ice waters and pressure buildup.

Steps to Avoid Plumbing Problems During Cold Winters

There are simple and easy steps that you can follow to avoid winter plumbing issues which are:

  1. Keeping Thermostat above 55 F Degrees
  2. Be Careful with Kitchen Sinks
  3. Conserve Home’s Energy
  4. Install Insulation System
  5. Keeping Outdoor Drains Clear

Keep the Thermostat Above 55 F Degrees

It is easy to set your homes above 55 F degrees. With this simple step, you can decrease the chance of plumbing issues.

However, you may be tempted to turn off the heating system when away from your home. If your house has a safe water heating system, keeping the place warm even when you are not there is better.

Insulate Your Home’s Water Heater to Avoid Residential Plumbing Issues

Before winter, take some simple steps or contact a professional to insulate your water heater. With this, you can reduce the water heater work and increase its efficiency, avoiding residential plumbing issues.

Install Insulation System for Your House

In addition to insulating the water heater, it is better to also insulate your home plumbing pipes with foam sheaths found in hardware stores. Ensure that you apply the foam sheaths on the entire length of your plumbing pipes.

plumbing system insulation

Be Careful with Kitchen Sinks

It is easy to prevent clogged drains in your kitchen by using a drain cover and keeping big food scraps out of the sinks.

Keeping Outdoor Drains Clear is Essential for Avoiding Plumbing Issues

After autumn, it will take you an hour or two to clean up the outdoor drain. Keeping the waterways and drains clear ensures that the water won’t build up and start seeping into the house. You can prevent plumbing issues in the outside drains by raking and picking up any trash around them.

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